Practical insecticide of prolonged action, guaranteeing the protection of cattle in the pasture period from all flying insects without restrictions on animal products.

Product Description

Species Cattle.
Composition 1 ml Ciflutin = 10mg ciflutrin.
Indications The drug can be applied to bovine animals as a preventative measure against carnivorous flies, gadflies, botflies, mosquitoes and black flies during grazing season.

Cyflunit is an insecticide of synthetic pyretroid group. Cyflutrin (cyano-4-(fluoro-3-phenoxyphenyl)-methyl-3-(2,2-dichloroethenyl) -2,2-dimethyl), an active substance of this drug, provides contact insecticidic and repellent action against dipterous animals including carnivorous flies such as Haematobia irritans, Haematobia stimulans, Musca autumnalis, Stomoxys calcitrans, gadflies (Tabanidae), botflies (Hypodermatidae), mosquitoes (Culicidae) and black flies (Simuliidae). Mechanism of insecticidic action for this drug is as follows: Cyflutrin blocks nerve impulses thus leadung to dystaxia, paralysis and subsequent death of an insect. After application to skin, the drug spreads across the surface of animal’s skin (almost without absorption) which allows prolonging its insecticidic and repellent activity. According to GOST (State Standard) No. 12.1.007-76, Cyflunit belongs to the 4th hazard category substances (low hazardous substances). Its median lethal doze (tested on albino rats) for oral and dermal application exceeds 5000 mg per 1 kg of animal weight. If the recommended doze is observed, the drug does not have any resorbtive and toxic effect on skin; if it contacts eyes, it may cause irritation. The drug is toxic for bees and aquatic organisms, including fish.

Dosage and method of administration The treatment of bovine animals shall be performed by a veterinarian, a physician assistant or specially trained personnel under their supervision. The dispensing apparatus shall be screwed onto the vial. With the help of dispensing apparatus, a person performing treatment shall apply Cyflunit to animal back while moving along the vertebrae column from withers to edgebone with the dose being 10 ml per animal (which corresponds to three full presses of dispensing apparatus filled with the drug). Animals shall be treated during grazing period once per 4-6 weeks (depending on insect population). Milking cows shall be treated right after milking operation. Drug’s preventative activity lasts for at least 28 days since the first (and the only) application of the drug. Weather conditions do not affect the drug’s efficiency.
Contraindications If an individual animal is hypersensitive to components of Cyflunit, the drug shall not be applied. The drug shall not be applied to animals, the body weight of which is less than 300 kg. The drug shall not be applied to wet, damaged and dirty skin. Cyflunit shall not be used together with other insecticides or acaricides.
Warning Livestock products after application of the preparation Cyflunit is allowed to be used for food purposes without restrictions.
Release form Polymer bottles of 100 and 500 ml.
Storage conditions Store in a dry, dark place at the temperature from +8 ºC  to +20 ºC.
Shelf life 3 years. After opening bottle no more than 60 days.

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