E – Selen

E-selenium is used for cattle, small horned livestock, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and fur animals for the prevention and treatment of diseases that develop against a background of vitamin E deficiency…

Product Description

Species Dogs, cats, cattle, sheeps, goats, pigs…
Composition 1 ml E-Selen = 0.5 mg selenium (in the form of sodium selenite)

50 mg of vitamin E

Indications E-selenium is used for cattle, small horned livestock, horses, pigs, dogs, cats and fur animals for the prevention and treatment of diseases that develop against the background of vitamin E and selenium deficiency in:

Violations of the reproductive function;
Disorders of fetal development;
White muscle, traumatic myositis and cardiopathy;
Toxic dystrophy of the liver;
Delay in growth and insufficient weight gain;
Infectious and invasive diseases;
Preventive vaccinations and deworming;
Poisoning with nitrates, heavy metals and mycotoxins;
Stressful situations.

Dosage and method of administration The drug is administered to animals in / m or s / k (horses only in / m) with a prophylactic purpose – once in 2-4 months, with a therapeutic purpose – once every 7-10 days 2-3 times in the following doses:
– adult animals – 1 ml per 50 kg of body weight;
– young animals of farm animals – 0.2 ml per 10 kg of body weight;
– for dogs, cats, fur animals – 0.04 ml per 1 kg of body weight.
For the convenience of introducing small amounts of the drug, it can be diluted with sterile water or saline and mixed thoroughly.
The poultry preparation is used with drinking water at a dilution of 1: 100 at a dose of 1 ml / kg of body weight or 2 ml / l of water consumed:
– for prophylactic purposes, chickens, starting at diurnal age, once every 2-3 weeks, young and adult birds, once a month;
– with a medical purpose – 2-3 times with an interval of 1-2 weeks.
The therapeutic dose can be increased 1.5 times, and in regions that are deficient in selenium content – 5 times.
To avoid an overdose, the dose to one animal should not exceed: for horses – 20 ml, cows – 15 ml, sheep, goats, pigs – 5 ml.
Features of the drug during the first application and cancellation is not established.
If you miss the intake of one or more doses of the drug, the application is resumed according to the same procedure according to the instructions. Do not enter a double dose to compensate for missed.
Contraindications – excess content of selenium in the body (alkaline disease) and feed;

– Individual sensitivity of animals to selenium.

Warning Pregnant, lactating animals and young animals, the drug is used with caution under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Slaughtering of animals for meat is allowed for pigs and small cattle no earlier than 14 days, and for cattle no earlier than 30 days after the IM or / or the introduction of the drug. Meat of animals, who were forcedly killed before the expiration of the indicated periods, are used for feeding carnivores.

Release form E-selen is produced in packs of 50, 100 ml in glass bottles.
Storage conditions Store in original package. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding at +5-25°С.
Shelf life 2 years from the date of production.
E – Selen

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