Vaccine Нехасаnivас

The vaccine is designed to immunize dogs against carnivore plague, parvovirus enteritis, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus and leptospirosis.

Product Description

Species Dogs.
Composition The dry component of the vaccine is made from live attenuated plague virus carnivorous strain “Rockborne”, lyophilized in a sugar-gelatinous medium.
The liquid component is made from the parvovirus of dogs strain “D-1”, adenovirus of dogs of the second serotype strain “LT” and leptospira serological groups Icterohaemorrhagiae strain “VGNKI-2” and Canicola strain “VGNKI-3”, with addition of formalin as inactivator and hydroxide gel Aluminum as an adjuvant.
Indications The vaccine is designed to immunize dogs against carnivore plague, parvovirus enteritis, infectious hepatitis, adenovirus and leptospirosis.
Dosage and method of administration

Vaccination of dogs is carried out 1 month prior to mating and not earlier than 14 days after immunization against other infections. The puppies are vaccinated from the age of 8 weeks. Live and inactivated vaccine is injected simultaneously into different extremities from the inside of the thigh.

Liquid inactivated vaccine is administered by pretreating the injection site with 70e ethyl alcohol, dogs weighing up to 5 kg of 1.2 ml, weighing 5 kg by 2.2 ml. Dry live vaccine against the plague before use is dissolved in 1 ml of sterile distilled water (solvent) and, without treating the injection site, a dose of vaccine is administered to dogs of any weight. Revaccination with both vaccines is carried out: puppies after 10-14 days, then after a change of teeth and then annually.

Contraindications It is forbidden to vaccinate clinically ill and / or weakened animals, with increased body temperature, puppies up to 60 days old, puppies in the period of teeth change, pregnant females in the second half of pregnancy.

Dogs vaccinated during the incubation period, may die within 1-1.5 months after vaccination against canine distemper and other infections. For vaccinated animals were observed for two weeks, while taking into account the incidence of waste and the dogs, finding out their causes. Vials and ampules of vaccine containing impurities, nonseparating with shaking or dissolving flakes, with a modified texture dry porous mass, with impaired sealing or subjected to freezing (liquid component) and the remains unused for 30 minutes vaccine is rejected and decontaminated by boiling for 15 minutes.

Release form Dry live vaccine against the plague carnivore from the EPM strain, packaged in ampoules at a single dose (1 cm3), which is a dry, porous mass of light yellow color with a pink tinge.
Storage conditions Store in original package. Protect from light and moisture. Keep out of the reach of children and animals. Store separately from food and animal feeding at +2 – 10°С.
Shelf life 1 year from the date of production.
Vaccine Нехасаnivас

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