Amit forte

Medication for treatment of canine and feline sarcoptoidosis and demodicosis.

Product Description

Species Dogs, cats
Composition The drug contains fipronil, diphenylhydramine, diflubenzuron and excipients. It has significant acaricidal effect on larval and mature phases of sarcoptic and demodectic ticks (including Sarcoptes canis, Otodectes cynotis, Notoedres cati и Demodex canis) parasitizing dogs and cats.
After dermal drug application fipronil (component of the drug) slightly absorbs into systemic blood, accumulates in epidermis, hair bulbs and sebaceous glands providing long-term acaricidal effect on all tick development stages.
The mechanism of fipronil action (a component of the drug) includes blocking the GABA-dependent receptors of ectoparasites, which impairs the neural impulse transmission causing paralysis and death of ticks.
Diflubenzuron (insect growth regulator) causes insect death by means of inhibiting the chitine synthesis resulting in termination of the population growth and sustaining.
Diphenylhydramine (Н1 histamine-antagonist) has antihistaminic, cholinolytic, anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effect.
Excipients provide fipronil penetration in parasite location areas, reduce inflammatory processes and accelerate tissue healing.
Indications For treatment of canine and feline sarcoptic mange, notoedrosis, otoacariasis, cheyletiellosis and demodicosis.
Dosage and method of administration Canine demodicosis, sarcoptic mange, cheyletiellosis and feline notoedrosis: apply Amit Forte on affected areas (previously cleaned from sloughs and crustings) equally distributing it from periphery to focal center engaging to 1 cm of frontier healthy skin (0.5 ml/kg of body weight).
Use muzzle, cervical collar or close animal’s jaws with a tape loop (remove in 15-20 minutes after treatment) to prevent drug licking (if applicable).
Process for 2-5 times, 7 days apart till animal clinical recovery confirmed by double negative result of acarological testings.
Animals with major affected skin areas: process in two steps, a day apart. Apply the drug on one affected part of the body and then on another one.
Acariasis complicated by bacterial infection: immunomodulatory and antibacterial drugs are recommended according to package inserts.
Canine and feline otoacariasis (ear mange): clean external acoustic meatus from sloughs and crustings with a tampon with the drug, then instill 3-4 drops in each ear (depending on animal’s size). Middle animal’s conch and slightly massage its base for more complete processing of all ear surface and acoustic meatus.
Fix animal head within several minutes to prevent drug splashing (if an animal shakes its head).
Process for 2 times, 7-10 days apart. Instill Amit Forte in both ears, even where the only one is affected by otoacariasis. Repeat treatment course, as appropriate.
Avoid violation of administration schedule because it may lead to decrease in drug efficiency. In the event of skipping regular processing perform it immediately in the same dose.
Contraindications Do not process contagious, debilitated and recovering animals, pregnant and lactating females, as well as puppies and kittens under 2 months old.
Release form 20 ml polymeric dropper bottle. Outer package – carton.
Storage conditions Store in closed original package. Protect from light and moisture. Store separately from food and animal feeding at 0-25°С.
Amit forte

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